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Attention WPIAL Coaches & Players: We Want Your Scores!



With the start of September, the WPIAL golf season has begun!

Just as we covered the Tri-State PGA’s Isaly’s Junior Tour this summer, we at Pittsburgh Golf Now would love to promote the accomplishments of our local high school golfers, too.

But we need your help for this. If you are a WPIAL golf course, administrator or player, please send your match information to us at, or tweet it to our site account at @pghgolfnow.

All you have to do is send all the scores that counted from a particular match — from both teams — plus the final team score and the course, and we’ll post ’em right here on PGN.

Doesn’t matter where your team is playing or who you’re playing against … we want to give your results a wider audience than is currently provided by the local media sphere!


Friday, Sept. 18
Peters Township girls def. Upper St. Clair, 161-164, at St. Clair Country Club
PT: Kern 36, McRoberts 39, Poon 42, Severns 44

Thursday, Sept. 17
Peters Township boys def. South Fayette and Canon Mac, 196-212-217, at Valley Brook Country Club
PT: Christian Schreiber 38, Robert Gavlik 38, Nick Wetzel 39

Wednesday, Sept. 16
Bethel Park boys def. McKeesport, 203-262, at Scenic Valley Golf Course
BP: Jon Haddox 37, John Harmon 39, Hunter Junazski 40

Tuesday, Sept. 15
Peters Township boys def. Bethel Park and Trinity, 200-227-263, at Valley Brook Country Club
PT: Andrew Poon 38

Peters Township girls def. Bethel Park, 177-240, at Valley Brook Country Club
PT: McRoberts 41, Poon 42, Kern 43, Chang 51

Monday, Sept. 14
Elizabeth Forward boys def. South Allegheny, 225-332
EF: Logan Monzak 36, A.J. Palmer 40
SA: Drake Nesky 49

Thursday, Sept. 10
Peters Township girls def. Upper St. Clair, 178-184, at Valley Brook Country Club
PT: Delaney Kern 41, McRoberts 43, Poon 43

South Park boys def. Bishop Canevin, 217-220, at South Park Golf Course
SP: Joe Toth 38, John Betz 41, J.P. Tusai 42, Aidan Rongaus 44, Ryan Tumas 52
BC: Mark Ingold 39, Ryan Saginaw 43, Mike Smith 44, Brady Zarnick 46, Michael Mcfetridge 48

Franklin Regional boys def. Bethel Park, 185-198, at Meadowink Golf Club (par 36)
FR: Zach Abdallah 35, Nolan Shilling 36, Chuck Tragesser 37
CC: Rocco Salvitti 33, Carter Pitcarin 36

Mt. Lebanon boys def. Bethel Park, 202-212, at Scenic Valley Golf Course
MTL: Callan Wilcox 36, Zach Dyke 39, Josh Shellenberger 41, Niko Renton 43, Brian Wilke 43, Colin Barrett 47
BP: John Harmon 39, Frank Visnikar 42, John Haddox 42, Bobby Kenndy 44, Dom Nerrone 45, Hunter Junazski 45

Tuesday, Sept. 8
Bethel Park boys def. West Mifflin, 206-273, at Scenic Valley Golf Course
BP: John Harmon 39, Bobby Kennedy 41, Frank Visnikar 41, Hunter Junazski 42, Jonathan Haddox 43
WM: Russ Dent 48

South Park boys def. Burgettstown, 225-306, at Ponderosa Golf Club
SP: J.P. Tusai 39, Joe Toth 41, Ryan Tumas 47, John Betz 48, Ty Vargo 50

Peters Township boys def. Chartiers Valley, 210-241, at Valley Brook Country Club (Red)
PT: Ellian Ascencio 38

West Allegheny boys def. Central Valley, 217-255, at Club at Shadow Lakes
WA: Maltony 39, Seamon 39, Johnson 45, Stayduhar 46, Pass 48

Friday, Sept. 4
Franklin Regional boys def. Gateway, 184-252, at Meadowink Golf Club (par 36)
FR: Jeff Anderchak 33, Michael Wareham 34, Zach Abdallah 37
G: Jonah Steele 43

Thursday, Sept. 3
Franklin Regional boys def. Plum, 182-243, at Meadowink Golf Club (par 36)
FR: Michael Wareham 35, Luke Kimmich 36, Jeff Anderchak 36
P: Jacob Pedley 41

South Park boys def. Bentworth, 210-263, at South Park Golf Course
SP: Joe Toth 39, J.P. Tusai 41, Aidan Rongaus 42, John Betz 42, Ryan Tumas 46
B: Austin Mashalek 41, Nathan Coski 49, Cede Smith 53, Landon Urcho 57, Sydney Czyzewski 63

Baldwin-Whitehall boys def. Bethel Park, 200-221, at Scenic Valley Golf Course
B-W: Don Trimber 37, Matt Pantelis 37, Connor Woods 38
BP: John Harmon 42

Wednesday, Sept. 2
Fort Cherry boys def. South Park, 222-227, at Fort Cherry Golf Club
SP: Rongaus 42, Toth 44, Tusai 46, Betz 46, Tumas 50

A 15-year veteran of sports media, Matt Gajtka (GITE-kah) is the founding editor of PGN. Matt is a lifelong golfer with a passion for all aspects of the sport, from technique to courses to competition. His experience ranges from reporting on Pittsburgh's major-league beats, to broadcasting a variety of sports, to public relations, multimedia production and social media.

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